Imagine having all the tools for your business to grow while being able to spend your time with your customers. It’s an entrepreneur’s dream … your dreams can come true with Modern Media.

Ways to Grow Your Business with Modern Media:

Print Design & Marketing


Creating your brand is a crucial and important first step in marketing any business. Modern Media considers every detail, including font choice, color response, various uses, etc.



They say that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And marketing your business is no exception. Let our marketing team find the most effective ways to get the word out while staying in your budget.



For business owners who are too busy running their business to speak to countless advertising sales representatives, you can let us field the calls and pre-qualify the various publications for you.


Collateral (Printed materials)

Creating your promotional materials can be very frustrating. And after you’ve spent hours on it, is it targeting your demographic? There can be many variables when making your materials stand out from the competition, and chances are, you spend more time keeping your customers happy than watching the latest marketing trends. But not to worry, Modern Media is here for you.



When you want to share your knowledge, special offers and news your customers, a newsletter is a great way to keep them informed. There are endless possibilities to fit any budget and should be one of your best marketing tools.



Whether you want to do a simple mailing of 10 or a bulk mailing of 10,000, Modern Media will help you choose the best way to present your message and the best way to send it.Modern Media also offers Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) mailings through the United States Postal Service, which can save you up to 15 cents per piece in postage.


Catalogs, Magazines, Booklets

Journals/Sponsor Books
Many organizations create journals or sponsor booklets to not only raise money for events, but to spread the word about their organization. We understand that the production of these books can be very time consuming, especially when you’re focusing on the details of the event itself. Let MMG produce it all for you while you get to take bask in all the praises.

Need a boost in your organization’s bank account? A fundraiser such as a cookbook, calendar or photo book serves as a useful, functional product that your supporters will get tons of use out of. Plus, our low-cost options allow you to make substantial profits.

With the growing popularity of hyper-local publications, the demand for experienced layout artists is on the rise. Having a full-time, in-house design team can be costly. MMG’s design team can make your publication look its best, specifically designed to target your audience.

Member Guides/Directories
Having a comprehensive guide to showcase members of large organizations serves as a great go-to resource not only to potential customers but also within the organization itself. Let MMG guide you from concept to completion.

Print & Digital Options
Each of the options above can be done in print or digitally (or both) to reach the most number of readers as possible. Let our team help you to decide the most effective way to produce your publication that fits your budget and your customers.


Signs & Banners

Every business needs signage, it’s something we cannot do business without. Let Modern Media help you to choose which types of signage work for both your budget and zoning laws.

Online Design & Marketing


Having an effective web presence can be extremely beneficial to your company and sales goals. You want your site to mirror your products and/or services, selling for you when you’re not there to do so yourself. Don’t let an unprofessional-looking site deter customers. Let Modern Media create a custom-made site that represents your hard work and experience.


Social Media

What better way of having continuous contact with your customers than keeping them up-to-date where they spend a great deal of time? Let Modern Media make social media work for you!



Stay in contact with your customers without the added expense of postage. Modern Media can help build your email list with content specifically created to attract your target market.



In today’s technological world, we are all competing for a space on the Google search results page. Properly optimizing your website, posts and content will help you to reach new customers over your competition.

Promotional Products

Trade Show Essentials

If you want your booth to stand out at events and shows, then let Modern Media create stunning signs, banners stands, vinyl banners, or anything else your heart desires.



Everyone loves to receive items from their favorite businesses. Show your customers (and future customers) that you care with great, cost-effective giveaway items.


Imprinted Apparel

Showcase your business everywhere you go! Imprinted tees, sweatshirts, shorts, bags (and more) go a long way with branding. They are also great for fundraisers and events.

Boost Your Business with Month-to-Month Marketing

Continuous marketing efforts are vital to your success. Let Modern Media handle the nitty-gritty task of communicating to your customers while you run your business.

Social Media Management

Social media allows us to keep our brand in front of customers in a whole new way. The key to effectively marketing your company on social media sites is compelling content and consistency. Whether you have one account or 10, Modern Media can help you to manage all of them on a set schedule that suites your needs.

Releases to Media

Presenting newsworthy information to local media can earn your business great exposure. Let us help you to keep your business receiving positive exposure on a regular basis.

Newsletters / E-Newsletters

Sending your customers regular, consistent information will keep you on their mind when they are ready for the products and services that you offer. Whether you want printed or digital newsletters, we can create content and design each edition to get your the highest ROI possible.

The “Gatekeeper”

Many businesses are flooded with phone calls and drop-ins from various salespeople. Relieve the stress and pressure of being solicited and send them directly to Modern Media. We will field all requests for you, give you a report with all vital information that will allow you to quickly and easily make a decision. Plus, we can give you our recommendations upon request.

Advertising Planner

Planning your business’ advertisements and promotions allows you to have great control over your sales. Creating an advertising calendar and positioning your business to be directly in front of your target audience can help you to shape their shopping habits. Modern Media will work with you to define your message and get response.

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