Get Found on the Phone – Mobile Search Marketing Tips

As smart phone sales continue soaring, more and more people are using their mobiles to search for information online rather than on desktop computers. In order for your business to get found on phones, you need to take a slightly different approach to your search engine optimization. Here are some tips on mobile search marketing to help you do just that.

Target Mobiles with Ads

Google AdWords and other ad networks allow you to target mobile searches, so advertise on mobile search results pages. When creating ads for mobiles, keep them short and sweet. Use as little text as possible and emphasize your main points at the beginning of the ad. Keep in mind that the screen is much smaller.

Your Mobile Landing Page

Landing pages designed for desktop computers look absolutely terrible on mobile devices, mainly because mobile users hate to scroll. Create a separate mobile-optimized landing page or you’ll drive people away. Also, create a new landing page for each campaign that’s designed to look good on mobile devices. Put your mobile site’s source code on your regular site so that people will be redirected if they happen to end up there.

Make Them Stay

A big part of the search engine algorithms is visitor activity on your site. If you get lots of traffic but they all click away in a matter of seconds, fewer searches will come your way. Create a site that’s as mobile-friendly as possible. Use vertical rows for text and don’t make them search for text or links. Make it easily usable and clean with no Flash videos, large images or anything that takes forever to load.

Site for Each Location

If you’re an offline business, create a mobile-optimized site for each geographic location and keyword optimize the site accordingly. Target geographic keywords such as states, towns and areas within towns. Mobile users will be searching those terms to find local businesses. Make sure that on each site your contact information is prominently displayed at the top of every page. Make the phone number clickable without users having to zoom in and retype it into their dialer.

Know Mobile User Behavior

Mobile users behave differently than people using desktop computers. On desktops, people are looking for general information about a certain topic. When they search on their phones, they’re looking for more specific information, such as the location of a business, the price of a product or service, or a quick comparison of different businesses. Specific keywords may also have different meanings to mobile searchers depending on what they’re looking for.

Track and Monitor

Monitor visitor activity on your site to find out which parts are working and which aren’t. Track click-to-call functions to see exactly where your calls are coming from. Software programs let you easily do all of this. Split-test your design features to find out the best placement.

The best way to learn mobile marketing is to use a mobile device yourself. Once you have experience doing searches using a phone yourself, it’ll be easier to understand the behavior of other mobile searchers.

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